Travel to New Heights with The New York Times


Come December 1, The New York Times will hold a two-day summit at the Grand Hyatt in Singapore. With its thought-provoking theme of “Experiences beyond Expectations,” the conference seeks to initiate riveting discussions around luxury travel, creating a platform for global leaders and key thinkers to exchange insights and share ideas about the subject. Attendees can look forward to a series of intellectually stimulating segments, from data presentations and networking sessions to live interviews and debates with CEOs, trendsetters, entrepreneurs, and policymakers. Meticulous research and lively conversations will reveal a wealth of expert knowledge and networking possibilities, making this an unmissable event for those curious and passionate about the travel industry. DestinAsian readers will receive an exclusive 20% discount at US $1,295 upon registration as a two-day delegate.

For more information, visit The 2016 New York Times Luxury Travel Conference. To register, click here.


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