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  • Safeguarding the Ganges

    Safeguarding the Ganges

    22 Mar 2016
    A new chapter in Indian ecotourism is unfolding along the upper reaches of the country’s holiest river, where a ban on rafting camps and the area's ...
  • Bombay Heritage Walks takes guests past such historical landmarks as Flora Fountain, which has stood in the Fort district since 1864.

    5 Walking Tours to Take in Mumbai

    12 Nov 2015
    From food to flea markets, these five themed walks are anything but pedestrian.
  • A hill outside town provides the perfect perch for a young kite flier - not to mention a stunning view over Jaisalmer and its centerpiece fort.

    City in the Sand

    23 Feb 2015
    Jaisalmer could well be India’s most enchanting fortress city, surrounded by a strange but beautiful desert.
  • Colonial-era villas line a street in Panaji's Fontainhas quarter.

    Exploring Goa, Beyond the Guidebooks

    09 Sep 2014
    A visit to the Indian state reveals its peaceful, hidden neighborhoods in addition to beloved beaches.