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Bazaruots Shallow Water
Island Dreams in Mozambique
With some of Africa’s best beaches and a clutch of fine retreats, the low-key Bazaruto Archipelago 
is shaping up to be the jewel of Moz...
A now-deceased elephant matriarch leading her clan.
Africa’s Vanishing Elephants
Poachers are killing as many as 35,000 animals a year for their ivory, also known as "white gold."
The cover of Africa's Finest.
The Search for a Sustainable Safari
A new book aims to rate the environmental impact of Africa's booming safari industry.
Local encounter.
Africa’s Latest Luxe Safari Camp
Botswana’s Okavango Delta is as beguiling a safari destination as they come.
Above: On safari in Kenya’s Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.
Q&A With Safari Pioneer Geoffrey Kent
Born on safari in what is now Zambia, Geoffrey Kent’s destiny was mapped out for him at an early age.
The first Four Seasons property in sub-Saharan Africa.
Four Seasons Safari Lodge to Open in Serengeti
Each of the rooms includes an open-air sundeck with views out over the endless plains of the national park.
Outside Stone Town’s old Arab Fort complex.
Stone Town and the Weight of History
One of the oldest cities in East Africa, the onetime slave port of Stone Town beguiles.