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Tourist Class is designed to maximize passenger seating space.
A New ‘Tourist Class’ Design for Boeing 737
Developed by LIFT by Encore in close cooperation with Boeing, "Tourist Class" is a sleek new seating option designed to improve comfort on s...
Emirates flew the A380 its inaugural Dubai–Auckland flight before switching to the Boeing 777.
Boeing 777 Operated on Seven of the World’s 10 Longest Flights
The Boeing 777 continues to prove itself as the most preferred aircraft for long-haul flights thanks to its superior range and outstanding f...
The Boeing 787 aircraft.
Boeing Designs Self-cleaning Lavatory
Boeing is designing a self-cleaning toilet that can minimize the growth and potential transmission of disease-causing microorganisms.
Air China's Boeing 777
Air China Flies to Montreal
Beginning September 29, Air China will start flying three times weekly between Beijing and Montreal.