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4 Reasons to Visit Canada this Year
Big plans are afoot for the country's 150th anniversary. Here are just a few reasons to start planning a Canadian sojourn.
The city's imposing chateau built by railroad magnate Charles Melville Hays is now a posh Fairmont hotel.
Lace Up for the World’s Largest Ice Skating Rink
Every year, Canada’s capital leans into winter with the purposeful freezing of its beloved centerpiece, the Rideau Canal.
This year's 'Flying Buttress' Art Suite at Icehotel.
Top 4 Ice Hotels
Rebuilt from scratch each winter, these hand-carved ice hotels offer some of the season’s coolest (think minus 5°C) accommodation.
The Fogo Island inn houses a total of 29 rooms and is open all year round.
Where to Go Next: Fogo Island, Canada
Home to fewer than 2,500 people, Fogo Island lies off the northeastern coast of Newfoundland in splendid isolation.
Quebec: Train of Le Massif de Charlevoix Launches First Summer Season
The brainchild of Cirque du Soleil co-founder Daniel Gauthier, the new train follows the St. Lawrence River from Quebec City.