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Tourist boats on the Li River near Yangshuo.
The Magic Mountains of Guilin
The karst-studded countryside of Guilin has been celebrated by countless generations of poets and painters. As one modern-day visitor discov...
Camel treks across the dunes are an attraction at the Xiangshawan theme park in Inner Mongolia's Kubuqi Desert (Getty Images).
The Inner Beauty of Inner Mongolia
Rolling grasslands, golden deserts, and tributes to its Mongol past are just some of the highlights awaiting travelers in central Inner Mong...
Puyi (center) posing with a group of dignitaries and officials, circa 1938.
Changchun’s Echoes of Empire
The onetime capital of colonial Manchuria, Changchun is a living museum of Japan’s imperial ambitions in China.
Macau: The Story of a Gambling Mecca in Flux
Making the Most of Macau
With casino revenues on the slide in China’s gambling mecca, city officials and developers are looking to win over visitors with non-gamin...
Changing Times in Chengdu
Changing Times in Chengdu
Always a draw for its pandas and hotpots, Sichuan’s provincial capital is emerging as a metropolis whose backyard is an incredible part of...
A Jinuo man in Bapo village, one of several minority communities in the mountains of Xishuangbanna.
The Tropical Treasures of Xishuangbanna
The lush, mountainous region of Xishuangbanna is a slice of Southeast Asia in China, complete with hill tribes, tropical gardens, and steamy...
Looking across the boat-filled waters of Aberdeen Harbour from Ap Lei Chau.
An Inside Look at Hong Kong’s Up-and-coming South Side
Industrial spaces on Hong Kong Island’s southern shores are being repurposed as restaurants, galleries, and guest rooms. But could a new M...
A mural in the OCT-Loft arts district.
The New Shape Of Shenzhen
As one of the largest cities in China, can Shenzhen claim its fame as a center of design?
The Mekong River carves through a gorge below the road to Cizhong.
The Budding Wine Region of Yunnan
A world away from Bordeaux, old-word grapes are finding new purchase in China’s Diqing prefecture.