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Tea leaves are rolled to release their enzymes and essential oils, which begins the oxidation process.
Brewing Strong in Northern Laos
In the far north of Laos, hill tribes have been cultivating tea for centuries, making Phongsaly a must-go destination for any lover of the l...
A suspension bridge in the Dong Hua Sao National Protected Area.
Laos Travel: Champasak
Slowly opening to mainstream tourism, Laos's southernmost province offers attractions aplenty for travelers willing to stray off the beaten ...
Laos Travel: The Changing Currents of Vang Vieng
The Lao town of Vang Vieng offers more than just a stop on the backpacker circuit.
Laos: High-Wire Act
The afternoon sun casts slanting shadows across the valley. From my bamboo-shrouded nook on the forest floor, I hear a whoo whoo ring out ov...