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Coolest Kid on the Block: Hotel Proverbs Taipei
A fresh new member of Design Hotels, Hotel Proverbs Taipei beckons with a bold facade, an unconventional room layout, and more.
Marriott Taipei's guest relations manager, Joshua Kirkland.
A Word from the Concierge: Joshua Kirkland, Taipei Marriott
Marriott Taipei guest relations manager Joshua Kirkland narrows down some of the places to check out in Taiwan's busy capital.
Known as The Pearl, the dish features pumpkin bisque with black truffle and crab-shrimp paste.
New Chef at YEN Restaurant, W Taipei
Ken Yu now helms the innovative Chinese restaurant, located on the 31st floor of the hotel.
The Royal Laurel Class has seats that can swivel easily.
New EVA Air Cabin From London
EVA Air is introducing the new Royal Laurel Class on flights from London.
The iconic Tapei 101 building, photo by Debug.
Taiwan Gives Free Wi-Fi To Visitors
Since 2011, Taiwanese citizens have enjoyed free Wi-Fi. Now visitors can enjoy connectivity too.
W Taipei Spectacular Room - Day
All-Year Offer From W Taipei
Available all year, the Step Up to Spectacular room package starts from US$407 per night.
The skating rink at W Los Angeles, Westwood, in 2011.
W Taipei to Open Ice Rink
Inspired by the success of its American cousins in Los Angeles and New York, W Taipei will be the first Asia hotel in the W fold to open Chi...