A Glimpse of the Old China

  • The famous Blindspot Gallery.

    The famous Blindspot Gallery.

  • A photo by Han Lei.

    A photo by Han Lei.

  • An eerie photo of two young girls in Shilong, Guangdong by Han Lei.

    An eerie photo of two young girls in Shilong, Guangdong by Han Lei.

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Hong Kong’s BlindSpot Gallery is hosting “New Framework: Chinese Avant-Garde Photography 1980s-90s,” a collection of images from a crucial period of contemporary art in China. From the 1940s through the 1970s, photos were limited to official use or private family portraits, it was only in the ’80s that the medium was open to experimentation by the public. Named “New Framework” to reflect how Chinese photography evolved itself outside of established institutions or the academic world, the exhibit also gives a glimpse at China was being viewed by some of its citizens during this turbulent time.

Curated by RongRong, a Chinese photographer who produced a number of experimental photos in the ’90s, “New Framework” features the works of 12 artists, including Ai Weiwei and Hong Lei, from a period where photography was influenced by the New Wave art movement and incoming Western ideals. During these years, photography in China went through three stages: New Documentary, conceptual, and experimental; the exhibit features examples from each stage that also span different topics, styles, and media. The exhibit is on display at both the Blindspot Gallery and runs until June 22.

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