AirAsia X Unveils New In-flight Entertainment

Low-cost carrier AirAsia X is set to introduce its new Xcite Inflight Entertainment service, which promises to offer a seamless viewing experience with its advanced sound system, high-resolution image quality, and extensive and up-to-date content. Delivered on the Huawei Mediaped 2—which boasts a 10.1-inch high-definition widescreen display—each tablet device will be pre-loaded with songs, games, magazine articles, and movies that range from Hollywood blockbusters to international films. Passengers will also be able to browse through and purchase items from the AirAsia BIG Duty Free catalogue with the device.

Available in five languages (English, Malaysian, Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese), the feature will be complimentary for passengers in the premium cabin, while Economy Class travelers can enjoy the service for around US$11 by booking the entertainment tablet prior to their flights. Requesting the tablet on board is also an option, although it will cost an additional US$2.5.

The Xcite Inflight Entertainment system will not be available to passengers heading to and from Auckland, Jeddah, and Kathmandu.

Which airline do you think offers the best in-flight entertainment? Do you think AirAsia X’s brand new service will match up to it? Let us know in the comments section below!

For more information, visit AirAsia X.

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