Spate of Massive Airline Deals Good News for Travelers

The aviation industry has seen a spate of massive deals in the past week or so. A recap of the highlights:

** Dubai-based Emirates kicked off this week’s Dubai Air Show by placing an order for 50 long-range Boeing 777s. The deal was briefly the largest order in Boeing’s history, valued at about $18 billion.

** Also at the air show, Doha-based Qatar Airways ordered 50 of Airbus’s upcoming A320neo narrow-body planes and five A380 double-decker jumbos in a deal worth about $6.4 billion. The deal included options for Qatar to purchase another 30 A320neo planes and three more A380s.

** Days later in Bali Indonesian airline Lion Air placed an for 230 Boeing planes, in an order worth about $21.7 billion. The carrier ordered 201 of Boeing’s planned 737 MAX single-aisle jets and 29 of its “extended-range” 737-900ERs.

These were just some of the deals seen this week, with Boeing and Airbus both receiving a bounty of orders at the Dubai Air Show. For travelers the deals mean ever-more routes and options in the years ahead.

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