Asia Dominates Airport Service Quality Awards

Above: Incheon International Airport in Seoul.

Ever wonder which airports around the world provide the best customer service? Each year the Airports Council International in Montreal finds out and gives the winners Airport Service Quality Awards. The results for 2011 ASQ Awards were revealed this week.

Similar to previous years, Asia dominated the awards.

In the category of airports handling more than 40 million passengers, the winners were all based in the region (the awards use city names):

1. Singapore
2. Beijing
3. Hong Kong
4. Shanghai Pudong
5. Guangzhou

The same held true for the category of 25 to 40 million passengers a year:

1. Seoul Incheon
2. New Delhi
3. Mumbai
4. Kuala Lumpur
5. Shenzhen

And in the best overall category as well:

1. Seoul Incheon
2. Singapore
3. Beijing
4. Hong Kong
5. Nagoya

Seoul and Singapore have won the overall No. 1 and No. 2 spots, respectively, since 2008. Seoul has won the top spot for seven years in a row. In acknowledging the award, the Incheon International Airport in Seoul credited the effective use of information technology for much of its success. It takes about 16 minutes for departure and 12 minutes for the arrival process at Incheon Airport, compared to the global standards of about 60 and 45 minutes, respectively.

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