Boeing 777 Operated on Seven of the World’s 10 Longest Flights

Boeing 777-200LR aircraft now flies seven out of the ten longest flights in the world, according to a list compiled by flight data provider OAG Aviation. With the jetliner operating the current longest direct service by Emirates from Dubai to Auckland—covering a distance of 8,819 miles and a duration of 17 hours and 15 minutes—the Boeing 777 has already proven itself to be the most preferred aircraft for long-haul flights thanks to its superior range and outstanding fuel efficiency, which has long been a challenging issue with long routes. Aside from Emirates, the aircraft is also currently in use to fly Atlanta–Johannesburg with Delta Airlines, Dallas–Hong Kong with American Airlines, and Abu Dhabi–L.A.with Etihad, among others. The remaining three services on the world’s longest flight list are flown using the A380, which Emirates also used for the inaugural service of its Dubai–Auckland flight. The A380 currently flies Sydney–Dallas for Qantas, as well as Dubai—L.A. and Dubai–Houston for Emirates, which cover a distance of 8,576 miles, 8,323 miles, and 8,151 miles respectively.

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