British Airways Serves Churchill’s Favorite Drink

From serving the tipple of choice of one of Britain’s brightest minds, to bottling the scent of Asia’s world city, here’s what’s new up in the air.

British Airways Serves Churchill’s Favorite Drink

Passengers aboard British Airways have something new to look forward to this month. Travelers in Club World (business class) will get to enjoy one of Sir Winston Churchill’s favorite ports, called Graham’s Six Grapes. Often served to guests at the late British prime minister’s country home, the multi-awarded brand formerly known as Graham’s Vintage Character Port has a rich bouquet of ripe plums and cherries that pair perfectly with the light bites served on board. Its good structure and long lingering finish ensure that the port tastes smoothly on air as it is on the ground.

The London-based airline has also just launched a new restaurant-style premium dining service in Club World, as well as new amenity kits and bedding from Brit retailer The White Company.

Photo courtesy of British Airways

One of BA’s planes in flight. All photos courtesy of the brands mentioned.


Passengers aboard British Airways can now try Winston Churchill’s tipple of choice

The amenity kit and bedding by The White Company

The amenity kit by The White Company.

Hong Kong in a Bottle

Cathay Pacific has been transporting people to hundreds of destinations in style for the longest time, and now, it raises its service several notches higher with the launch of its own bespoke scent.

In collaboration with perfume company The Powder Room, the Hong-Kong based carrier has created Parfums de Voyage. Cathay Pacific says that the scent evokes people’s memories of Hong Kong—from its teahouses to its landscapes. It has a clean top note that gradually dries down to a warm peppery scent.

Parfums de Voyage will be given for free on select Australian flights starting this October.

Photo courtesy of Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific

ANA Brings an Authentic Taste of Japan Aboard its Flights

Sushi, ramen, and tempurathey reflect only a small part of the sprawling archipelago of Japan. In a bid to promote beverages and dishes from all over the country, All Nippon Airways (ANA) launched its “Taste of Japan” campaign four years ago, which brings lesser known local dishes on board its flight.

The Tokyo-based airline changes its menu regularly. From September to November, ANA passengers can look forward to dishes from Hyogo, Iwate, and Okinawa. The menu will have tajima sukoyaka chicken sauté with red wine sauce, which uses a well-known brand of chicken from Hyogo. Passengers can also take a bite of hittsumi, flattened flour dumplings native to Iwate. And then there’s agu pork in a Moromi bowl, using a high quality brand of meat that’s famous in Okinawa.

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