Cathay Offers Low-Carb Meals in the Air

From August this year, passengers flying First and Business Class from Hong Kong to North America on Cathay Pacific will get to enjoy a series of healthy dishes from celebrity chef Daniel Green. A specialist in light, low-carbohydrate cuisine, Green is the author of eleven cookery books, with the latest one focused on the Paleo diet.

His special menu for the Cathay cabin features three salads and five main courses. Highlights include fettuccine, shiitake mushrooms, white wine, garlic, chargrilled fennel, and white truffle oil, alongside a Thai red vegetable curry, cooked with light coconut milk and served in a small roasted pumpkin (pictured above). The chef has also created two power drinks, namely “Berries and spinach with maple syrup energizer”, containing iron and vitamins, and “Vitamin C booster” to increase the body’s resistance to coughs and colds.

Green’s signature “clean cuisine” avoids deep frying, while high-fat ingredients such as cream and butter are absent from the menu, which is designed with a higher ratio of protein versus carbohydrates so Cathay passengers can enjoy wholesome and fulfilling meals on their long-haul flights.

For more information, visit Cathay Pacific.

CX Daniel Green 1

Daniel Green’s power drinks, with Vitamin C booster on the right

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