Cathay Pacific Captures the Rhythm of Travel

Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific aims to make a stronger impact in Malaysia with the release of the video “The Sounds of Travelling Well.”

Produced by its agencies, McCann Worldgroup Malaysia and Hong Kong, the video features the click of a seatbelt, the voices of customers ordering food in Osaka, and a bamboo cutting ceremony in Kyoto. The clip, which will only be shown in Malaysia from now until September, was released on the back of the expansion of the carrier’s subsidiary Cathay Dragon within the country.

Says Sean Sim, chief executive officer of McCann Worldgroup Malaysia, says, “Travel ads tend to communicate using strong, colorful and exciting visuals—come see the wonderful sights and shiny bright lights of this city. We travel with our eyes. But what if we say you can travel with your ears to the same place, and have a totally different experience? We feel there is an opportunity to give travelers an interesting perspective via sounds.”

Says Anna Choi, Cathay Pacific’s country manager for Malaysia and Brunei, “We went on an international journey to record thousands of audio moments and then crafted these sounds into one harmonious blend of rhythm and melody. We hope this will inspire our travellers to discover the beauty of traveling well from a whole new perspective.”

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