Chinese Actor to Live in an Airport for 30 Days

Imagine living in an airport for 30 days—will you survive?

Ryan Zhu stars in #LIFEINHEL. All photos courtesy of Helsinki Airport.

If you’re stuck inside Helsinki Airport, you will. And the airport wants to prove that you’ll even enjoy your stay by launching the interestingly named #LIFEINHEL, featuring Chinese actor Ryan Zhu. Starting October 10, the dashing 33-year-old Zhu will live in a dinky cabin inside the airport, where he will need to face a different challenge every day. He’ll also get to shop at the duty free section, eat at its numerous restaurants, and have the occasional power nap at the airport’s sleeping pods.

The Terminal-inspired poster for the campaign

The whole gimmick is a combination of reality show Survivor and Steven Spielberg’s Terminal. (One of its consultants is Gary Carter, co-creator of the hit American reality show.) But instead of being broadcast on TV or filmed for a movie, highlights of Zhu’s stay will be shown on social media, from Facebook, to Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Conceptualized and produced by several multinational advertising and public relations agencies, the campaign wants to prove that Helsinki’s airport provides the fastest connection between Asia and Europe—while entertaining the public at the same time, too.

Here’s the campaign’s cheeky video.

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