Coronavirus: Scandinavian Airlines Brings Travelers Home from Peru

This flight is not only the longest in SAS’ history but also the airline’s first flight to Lima. ​

Photo: SAS-Scandinavian Airlines

According to a Facebook post by SAS-Scandinavian Airlines, Hagbard Viking has departed Lima on a special mission. Partnering with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SAS has flown about 290 Scandinavian travelers, who have been stranded in Peru, back home to Scandinavia. 

Clocking a distance of 11,000 km, this flight is not only the longest in SAS’ history but also the first SAS flight to Lima. ​

The post added that “Enabling stranded travelers to return home is one of our most important assignments during these extraordinary times – and we at SAS are proud to be able to contribute to this key mission for the Scandinavian societies.”

More information here.

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