Delta’s ‘80s-themed Safety Video

Delta Air Lines has unveiled their latest safety video on the heels of last year’s Air New Zealand Betty White clip and Virgin America’s dance ensemble. Delta is no stranger to quirky in-flight safety videos including their Christmas-themed take on safety instructions released last October. The new 1980s American pop culture spoof pokes fun at the styles of the decade and features celebrity icons including cameos by Devo’s Gerald Casale sporting the band’s iconic headwear and basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar as co-pilot. The video plays on the traditional form of a safety video, but with nods to trends like big hair, Atari video games, and Rubix Cubes. Running just over five minutes, the video features passengers trying to store their electric guitars in overhead compartments and break dancing in the aisles, even expressing shock when the flight attendant announces WiFi is available in their dated cabin.

For more information, visit Delta Air Lines.

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