Dubai’s Airport Will Use an Aquarium Tunnel to Scan Visitors’ Faces

Delta adds a much-welcome drink to their inflight menu while Dubai unveils a futuristic version of the airport security check.

Sparkling Wine to be Served Aboard Delta

Passengers aboard American airline Delta Air Lines can now look forward to sipping one of the best tipples ever made—Avissi Prosecco.

The sought after wine is now available on all of the airline’s international flights. Previously, Delta only served beer, red, and white wine.

Avissi Prosecco. Photo courtesy of Delta.

Dubai International Airport To Use Virtual Aquarium Tunnel to Scan Passengers

Just when you think you’ve seen it all from Dubai, the emirati famous for its sometimes mind-boggling innovations (such as the water jetpack used by its firefighters), now comes another that falls under the more normal side of the spectrum.

Exterior of Dubai International Airport. Photo courtesy of the airport.

The United Arab Emirates city has announced that it will replace its security kiosks with an aquarium-like tunnel with 80 built-in cameras that will scan passengers’ faces or eyes.

According to The National, the scanner will be able to detect a wider range of explosive materials that are carried by passengers.

In an interview with Major General Obaid Al Hameeri, the deputy director general of Dubai’s residency and foreign affairs, ““The fish [in the aquarium provides] a sort of entertainment and [offers] something new for travelers. It [also] serves to attract the travelers to different corners inside the tunnel, [making it easy] for the cameras to capture his/her face.”

Passengers who pass the security check will see a green light appear at the end of the tunnel, while those who have failed it will see a red light. The tunnel’s graphics can be altered into other images, such as skyscrapers or advertisements.

The tunnel will be installed at the Dubai International Airport from 2018 to 2020.

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