Finnair to Launch Direct Flight to Xi’an

Finnair has announced it will be the first European carrier to fly direct to Xi’an when its inaugural flight to the Chinese city takes off next summer. The thrice-weekly flight will operate only during the northern summer, from June 14 to October 26.

Located in central-northwest China, Xi´an is an ancient imperial capital dating back some 3,000 years and is a cradle of Chinese civilization. The Terracotta Army, a group of thousands of ceramic soldiers buried with the first emperor of China, is located around 40 klometers to the west of the city. Xi’an also has a large Muslim community—its Grand Mosque is an intriguing in that it was constructed in the year 742 using only Chinese architectural techniques. Xi’an is a city on the up. A report by the Economist Intelligence Unit named it one of China’s top thirteen emerging mega cities.

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