Flights of Fancy: Your Nonstop Fantasy Routes

Above: An ANA 787 Dreamliner going just where you want.

In an ideal world of air travel you would never have to transfer to reach a destination. No matter where you started from, you could simply catch a flight to … well, to anywhere.

Of course this fantasy world will never materialize, at least not on mainstream airlines with any technology we know about now. Instead we’re stuck with slightly better airplanes opening up new routes because they are slightly more efficient than their predecessors. Yes, we do look forward to the (relatively) fuel-efficient Boeing 787 Dreamliner helping airlines create new possibilities. And a tip of the hat to innovative low-cost carriers (and the occasional traditional airline) for opening interesting new routes around the world in recent times.

But let’s be unrealistic. We asked our followers on Facebook and Twitter what their #dreamroute would be. Their answers did not fail to entertain. Here are some of our favorites:

Taipei to Manado
Kuala Lumpur to Orlando
Kuwait to Jakarta
Singapore to Marrakech
Bali to Male
Chiang Mai to Düsseldorf
Hong Kong to Male
Jakarta to Rome
Hong Kong to Luang Prabang
Singapore to Launceston
Ende to Singapore
Johannesburg to Vieques
Shanghai to Bali
Manila to London
Singapore to Buenos Aires
Jakarta to Munich
Bali to Barcelona
Siem Reap to Krabi
Sydney to anywhere in the Caribbean

Thanks everyone! May your dream route one day come true. Or, may you get your own private jet. And if you haven’t chimed in yet, feel free to add your own nonstop fantasy in the comments section below, on Twitter (#dreamroute), or on our Facebook page. Happy travels!

— The Editors


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