Malaysia Airlines to Renovate Its Golden Lounges

Malaysia Airlines has announced an extensive redesign of its Golden Lounges, starting with its lounge in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Slated to be reopened by the end of 2016, the new lounge will feature a demonstration kitchen concept where guests can interact with chefs, as well as a bistro service and a fine dining option in the first class lounge. Kuala Lumpur–based interior design consultant, Duoz, who is also responsible for the relaunch of the Majestic Kuala Lumpur, as well as Mariott Sydney Harbour, Spa Village Resrot Bali, and Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, among others, will be working behind the renovation. The improvements will also entail a faster Wi-Fi connection and the addition of universal power sockets to ensure maximum productivity between flights.  The airline’s business and first-class lounges at the KLI Stallite terminal and London Heathrow will also see similar renovations, all of which are aimed to be completed by mid 2017.

“Delivering a holistic experience for our guests which starts from the lounge lies at the heart of the redesign,”  said Paul Simmons, Malaysia Airlines’ chief commercial officer. “We want the space to encapsulate the richness of travel with the airline, a luxurious contemporary Malaysian style that our guests will be able to experience when they enter any Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge around the world.  The new design will feature an expansive lounge where guests will find a world of amenities to help them recharge, relax or catch up with work.”

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