Mobile App Streamlines EU Airline Claims

  • A familiar sight in Europe. Photo by Ian Kershaw

    A familiar sight in Europe. Photo by Ian Kershaw

  • The AirHelp mobile application.

    The AirHelp mobile application.

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A new mobile application promises to make airline-claim woes in Europe a thing of the past. AirHelp, founded by an early Skype investor Morten Lund and ex-Rocket Internet executive Henrik Zilmer, who serves as CEO, uses iOS and Android applications to help users file claims in five streamlined steps. The AirHelp team will then communicate on the user’s behalf with the airline. The service does take a cool 25 percent handling fee off the top for all its hard work, but if it isn’t able to get your compensation there is no cost for using the service. According to testimonials on AirHelp’s website, users have already been able to receive compensation of up to US$1,650 for cancelled and delayed flights. The service banks on EU air passenger rights, a set of laws entitling air travelers to between US$345 and US$825 if their flights are delayed more than three hours, canceled, or overbooked. The law applies to any airline departing or arriving from the EU. The service doesn’t apply to extraordinary circumstances like bad weather, but the AirHelp team will investigate claims from up to three years ago, turning a bad vacation into a delayed payout.

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