Qantas Offers In–Flight Novels

Australian airline Qantas is making sure that its travelers don’t get left with a cliffhanger. It has  teamed up with advertising agency Droga5 and publishing house Hachette to develop a series of novels that are designed to be as long as the duration of a flight. Droga5 Creative Chairman David Nobay said the lengths were determined by the average reading speed of 200 to 300 words, or a page, per minute. Entitled “Stories for Every Journey,” the series will encompass a number of different genres including nonfiction, thrillers, and true-crime, and will all be written by Australian authors including Roland Perry and Tony Cavanaugh. Stories in the series have intriguing names such as “City of Evil” and “Australian Tragedy,” and will have stark minimalist covers designed by Paul Belford.

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