Qantas to Increase Services to Hong Kong and Singapore

Australian flyers taking trips to Asian cities with Qantas will soon be able to take advantage of the carrier’s increased services to destinations around the region. Starting December 1, the airline will be adding a Tuesday and Thursday flight from Perth to Singapore  with its B737-800, while an additional flight between Sydney and Hong Kong is set to run from December 11 to March 23, 2016, operated using a refurbished Boeing 747 and an Airbus 330. Several flights on this route may also be upgraded to an A380 during peak season, such as over the Christmas and the Lunar New Year holidays.

“We’re seeing Australian companies continue to expand their business in Asia, while the lower dollar is making Australia an even more attractive place to visit,” said Evans, chief executive of Qantas International. “It’s about being agile to adjust to changes in the market where it’s needed—and we’re able to do that by maximizing the utilization of our large, varied fleet. Because this growth is coming from increased fleet utilization, it is a very cost efficient way to meet that rising demand.

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