Qantas to Offer Non-Stop 20-Hour Flights

An Australian airline toys with the idea of offering a direct to Europe and South America route, EVA Air’s staff gets a style upgrade, and Changi Airport will have a new lounge this year.

Conquering the Last Frontier

Qantas wants to fly non-stop to Europe from Australia by 2022. All photos courtesy of the brands mentioned.

As they say, dream big. Qantas has revealed that it is investigating the possibility of offering direct flights from Sydney to New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and London by 2022.

The airline is working with Boeing and Airbus to develop an aircraft that will make such a journey possible. The trip will take 20 hours and at present there are no planes available that can fly for such a long period.

Chief executive officer Alan Joyce called the Sydney to London route as the “last frontier of global aviation.” Experts say it will lead to greater profits for the airline if it ever happens.

Meanwhile, Qantas has announced that profits rose to more than US$1.1 billion before tax for the year (ending on June 30), slightly more than the amount predicted by analysts.

EVA Air Gets a New Wardrobe

Check out the new uniforms of Taiwanese airline EVA Air, which they launched on the same day they retired their Boeing 747 jets. The airline, famous for its cute Hello Kitty jet, went for a formal, corporate look with the attire designed by luxury house Shiatzy Chen. While the uniforms may appear navy blue, the base color is actually called tourmaline green or verdalite, a shade chosen by lead designer Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia.

EVA Air’s new uniforms

The uniforms’ collars come in different colors: red are for chief pursers; pink are deputy pursers; and light green are flight attendants. Female ground staff with red collars are supervisors while light green are traffic officers.

Male staff will dress in three piece-suits with black ties decorated with green and orange aircraft wings.

The staff will start wearing the new uniforms this November.

A New Lounge Blossoms at Changi T4

Changi Airport’s Blossom Lounge

Hong Kong-based Plaza Premium Group, in cooperation with Singaporean catering company SATS Ltd., will open a new lounge at Changi Airport’s Terminal 4.

To be launched later this year, the space will be called “Blossom Lounge.” It will cover approximately 1,200 square meters and will be big enough for 280 people. The 24-hour destination will have a bar, restaurant, showers, and a spa.



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