Qatar Airways Revamps In-Flight WiFi in Partnership with Ooredoo

Passengers of Qatar Airways can soon enjoy an improved on board connectivity experience across all of the carrier’s aircraft following an agreement signed on Monday with telecommunications provider Ooredoo. The signing marks an upcoming revamp of Qatar Airways’ in-flight WiFi service, which has received relatively mixed reviews by travelers to date. Set to be rolled out on December 17, the new system will enable passengers to stream videos, access instant messaging apps and social media, or check their emails for free for the first 15 minutes, after which the airline will offer several customer-friendly payment programs based on the amount of time one wishes to be online. One hour of connectivity costs US$5, while a three-hour package can be purchased at US$10. For those on longer flights, a set price of US$20 will grant them unlimited internet for the duration of their trip, while those traveling first class on the carrier’s A380 aircraft will receive complimentary connectivity throughout their flight.

For more information, visit Qatar Airways. 

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