Watch: Royal Jordanian Airline’s Viral Video

Royal Jordanian Airline’s social media strategy is on point. The Middle East-based airline released a powerful video produced by Ogilvy Jordan that addresses the sensitive topic of racial discrimination.

Titled “Are You Afraid of Flying?”, the video starts with a shot of the interior of an aircraft, as a heavily bearded male passenger says, “I’m not afraid of flying. I’m not afraid of the risk of it.”

As the video continues, it shows some of the passengers looking uneasy at the prospect of flying next to the narrator.

The male passenger continues, “I’m afraid I end up somewhere I don’t want to go. Afraid of being stuck in a place with people who look at me differently. I’m afraid of the ‘what ifs.’ What if something wrong happens, and they don’t believe me? What if they don’t ask and just act on their fear?”

Watch the video below, which clocks in at more than one minute. At the 0:30 mark, notice the elderly gentleman who looks slightly like American president Donald Trump.

The video was posted last week in the carrier’s Facebook page, and has earned two million views and 27,000 reactions since then. Majority of the comments were positive.

This is not the first time that the once obscure Amman-based carrier has earned kudos for its social media game. It mocked United Airlines for committing the biggest public relations blunder that the industry has ever seen. It also released ads and a series of tweets trolling Trump and the US’ decision to ban electronic devices as carry-on items for flights originating from the Middle East.

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