Singapore Airlines to Use More Meatless Ingredients

One airline goes vegetarian while Air France and Vietnam Airlines work together to fend off competitors.

SIA Adopts Sustainable Practices

Restaurants are not the only ones joining the farm-to-table trend. Singapore Airlines joins the global movement with its “From Farm to Plane,” which will see the airline sourcing produce from local farms of its destinations.

Singapore Airlines

No date has been given, but the airline says that it will only use seafood from fisheries certified by the non-profit organization Marine Stewardship Council, a global group which encourages sustainable fishing.

The airline will also use more meatless ingredients for its in-flight menu. Its chefs will also create dishes using cherry tomatoes, pumpkins, green beans and lettuce that were sourced in local farms. The menu will be introduced in select routes at the end of this year.

Air France and Vietnam Airlines Announce Joint Venture

Air France

In a bid to strengthen each other’s operations, Air France and Vietnam Airlines have signed a “strategic partnership,” which will be formally launched on November 1.

According to a statement, the joint venture will result in passengers having a wider choice of travel options and improvement of services. Combined together, the two airlines will service 400,000 passengers per year.

The two airlines have shared flight codes since 2010.

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