Tiger Airways Undergoes Rebrand

  • Tigerair is offering $0 fares for nine locations in Asia.

    Tigerair is offering $0 fares for nine locations in Asia.

  • One of Tigerair's fleet.

    One of Tigerair's fleet.

  • Tigerair Mandala's rebranded logo.

    Tigerair Mandala's rebranded logo.

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Tiger Airways has unveiled its massive rebranding project across the region, becoming Tigerair and renaming the Indonesian branch, Tigerair Mandala. The brand has displayed its revamped logo with a symbolic tiger tail on the bottom of the “g” colored yellow.

In a press conference in Jakarta, the President Director of Tigerair Mandala, Paul Rombeek, said that in addition to keeping the low-cost business model, young people are now the primary target of the airline.

“We offer affordable and enjoyable flying experiences,” said Rombeek. “We also want to provide flight safer, more timely, and convenient experiences.”

The group will hold new trainings for aircrews and ground crew with increased safety and hospitality higher standards. Employee recruitment is also growing increasingly stringent.

A new web friendly strategy of Tigerair is being launched, with a redesigned website and a more personal e-ticketing confirmation via email. The revamp is part of Tigerair’s rebranding effort across the region.

For more information please visit tigerairways.com

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