Explore Hawaii’s Best Destinations with Hawaiian Airlines’ New Safety Video

Flight safety instructions wouldn’t typically be a traveler’s go-to source of travel recommendations, but Hawaiian Airlines’ newest video proves it can provide just that, as over 30 of its crew members come together for a unique in-flight safety presentation. At over four minutes long, Hawaii’s many alluring destinations become a beautiful backdrop to the video as the airline’s crew members, some featuring their family, deliver and demonstrate pieces of safety information to passengers.  From the Yokohama Beach and Kualoa Ranch on O’ahu to the Saddle Road Lava Fields and Umauma Falls on Hawai’i Island, the production takes passengers and non-passengers alike on a tropical daydream as a lifeguard reminds passengers to fasten their seat belts at all times and a hula dancer tells them where the emergency exits are on the plane.

“Most of us [flight attendants] grew up with this amazing landscape as our playground,” said flight attendant Valerie Akiona, who can be seen trekking at Haleakala with her husband and two children in the video. “I want people to watch and listen to the safety instructions, but I also really hope when they watch it, they say, ‘hey, where is that? I’d love to go there,’ knowing that they absolutely can make that a part of their trip.”

The video will be rolled out to all of the carrier’s in-flight entertainment systems.

For more information, visit Hawaiian Airlines.

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