Virgin America Releases Safety Video

Virgin America first rocked the boat with its irreverent in-flight safety cartoons featuring a droll voiceover and a quirky set of seat mates. The airline has one-upped itself with a new safety video featuring the collaboration of Hollywood director Jon M. Chu, American Idol singers, and So You Think You Can Dance alums. Starring in the first-ever safety video set entirely to a song and dance routine, the cast raps, belts, and break dances passengers through an otherwise mundane instruction set. As part of the launch, Virgin America is also creating a nation-wide talent search for the stars of the next video. Using the hashtag #VXsafetydance amateurs can upload their moves to Instagram.  User votes will determine the finalists, with one winner chosen by Jon M. Chu and a set of choreographers, who will appear in a video debuting in 2014. For those looking to partake the new in-flight experience, Virgin is offering discounted fares until December 17, 2013 for up to 20 percent off.

For more information, visit Virgin America

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