You Can Now Use WhatsApp to Check-In Your KLM Flight

There’s more to WhatsApp than just texting your friends, sending them photos of what you had for lunch, or obsessing over the last time your ex went on-line. This ubiquitous app has become such a huge part of our daily lives that Dutch airline KLM is now using it to help passengers fly better.

In fact, they’re the first airline in the world to have a verified WhatsApp account. So what does this mean? Passengers in all countries can use WhatsApp to get their booking confirmation, boarding passes, check for the status of flights, and even send queries in 24/7 in 10 languages. Don’t worry: the messages are secure; only the passenger and KLM have access to them.

WhatsApp will now be used KLM to better serve their passengers. All photos courtesy of KLM.

KLM hasn’t given a complete list of countries where this service is now available, but in a statement, they said that it would be rolled out in more countries in the next few weeks. Be sure to watch out for their account—it’s the one with the KLM logo that has a green checkmark badge.

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