10 Fashionable Summer Hats for Women

Sunnies and sunblock aren’t enough to do the job. A lady also needs a hat to protect herself from the sun, and look good in the process. Here are 10 that deserve to be packed off to your destination.

Eric Javits’ “Squishee® IV” Wide Brim Hat (US$212)

The "Squishee" in natural.

The “Squishee” in natural. All photos are courtesy of the brands mentioned.

Rihanna, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez are just some of the celebrities who wear Eric Javits’ stylish hats. He has many good creations, which makes it difficult to choose one. But this—available in cream, black, bark, and natural—is perfect for a getaway because it combines both comfort and good design.

It comes with a three-inch-wide brim that provides adequate coverage without hiding your face completely. Made with a combination of cotton and viscose, it’s more than enough to make you look like a celebrity.

The hat in

The hat in bark

Etro Woven Detail Fedora (US$470)

Etro's colorful, zany hat

Etro’s colorful, zany hat

Italian made but reminiscent of accessories crafted in South America, this multi-colored number was made for the fashion-forward few.

The hat's top angle.

The hat’s top angle.

Eugenia Kim’s Sydney (US$396)


The Sydney hat

New York City-based hat designer Kim studied at Parsons while working at Allure magazine. Her background in fashion and beauty journalism certainly helped develop her aesthetics. Look at this asymmetric hat—isn’t it lovely?

Federica Moretti’s Panama Earring Straw Hat (US$247)

Federica Moretti

The hat combines the structure of a baseball cap with the materials used in a straw hat.

Moretti was first founded in 2006, and since then the Milanese hat-maker has made a name for making chic accessories. Here is one of its more unique pieces, which was designed with a small front peak and a head-turning gold metal ring.

The enormous ring makes for a strong fashion statement.

The enormous ring makes for a strong fashion statement.

Kate Spade’s Fiesta Stripe Sunhat (US$84)

Kate Spade's multi-colored hat.

Kate Spade’s multi-colored hat can be worn with the ribbons tied around the chin.

The American brand has always been known for its fun, youthful merchandise, and this one is no exception. Made entirely of paper straw, the piece comes with bows that you can wear around your chin for a cute touch.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade’s Fiesta Stripe Sunhat

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