10 Things You Should Pack

iPad Pro (from US$649, without shipping costs or keyboard)

It doesn’t make sense to lug around a heavy laptop to your destination with the versatility of the iPad Pro. Binge on movies or upload photos of your vacation—you can even use it to get some work done if you bring along its keyboard. But who wants to do work when you’re better off getting a tan?

The iPad Pro

Kindle Oasis (US$360 without shipping costs)

There are quite a number of e-book readers out there, but Kindle is the one brand favored by many. And this one—marketed as 20 percent lighter and 30 percent thinner than its predecessors—could be their most coveted. Ergonomically designed and endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, this is the gadget you need to conquer your reading list while lounging by the beach.

Kindle Oasis

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