Top 5 Luggage Brands Worth Buying

Travelling involves a lot of decision-making—from choosing the right hotel up to curating the perfect itinerary. Another important choice to make is acquiring the right luggage. We chose some of the best ones available: from lightweight, polycarbonate Rimowas to Ghurka’s rolling trunks.


Tumi 19 Degree Collection

Made of aluminum, Tumi’s 19 Degree collection is said to “draw inspiration from natural elements to create a bold, reinforced exterior” that can withstand even the most arduous journeys. The luggage comes with four dual recessed wheels and side handles wrapped with leather for easy handling.


Ghurka Military Stripe Leather Rolling Trunk

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The story goes that in the 1970s, Marley Hodgson met a ghurka in the United Kingdom who owned the finest leather backpacks. Hodgson was so impressed by the quality and design of what he saw that he designed his own line after moving back to the United States. He named his company Ghurka as a tribute to the soldier who inspired him, and it became known for producing the much sought-after military stripe rolling trunk that comes in various sizes and colors.


Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

 Frenchman Louis Vuitton was only 16 years old when he decided to apprentice for one of Paris’ master craftsmen in 1837. Since then, his name has become a global brand that became simply known as “LV”. For its current collection, the company worked with British designer Kim Jones who derived his inspiration from the mighty denizens of the jungle.  


Samsonite Cosmolite

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Cosmolite was made using a proprietary technology called Curv, said to be made from woven threads of polypropylene. Made in Europe, the shell-like Cosmolite comes in black, red, silver and green.

Rimowa Topas Titanium Collection

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Said to be the original “luggage with the grooves”, German brand Rimowa is mighty proud of its Topas Titanium series– as they should be. Made of aluminum, the new line is lightweight yet sturdy, while retaining the classy appearance that the brand has long been known for.

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