5 Art-Inspired Hotels to Satisfy Your Inner Picasso

Immerse yourself in art installations, designer rooms, and well-sculpted spaces.

Photo: The Vagabond Club Singapore

1. The Vagabond Club Singapore

Housed in a 1950s heritage Art Deco building in Singapore, The Vagabond Club is an art and experience-driven boutique hotel designed by Jacques Garcia. Inside the hotel, elegant opulence awaits, such as fine art installations in the form of a solid brass Rhino that doubles as the hotel’s iconic reception desk.

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Photo: Pantone Hotel Brussels

2. Pantone Hotel Brussels

Paying homage to Pantone’s spectrum of standardized colors, this boutique design hotel is designed with a distinctive hue on each guest floor. Housed in a converted 1970s building, the property features rooms with Pantone-colored bikes, mugs, and even toilet paper, alongside unique art pieces.

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Photo: Artotel Sanur Bali

3. Artotel Sanur Bali

A play on the words “art” and “hotel”, Artotel Sanur Bali is a homegrown art-inspired design hotel featuring the works of five talented artists residing in Bali. Artists Ines Katamso, Natisa Jones, Kemal ezedine, I Made Wiguna Valasara, and Pintor Sirait have each contributed to murals on each floor of the stylish hotel.

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Photo: QT Museum Wellington

4. QT Museum Wellington

Part hotel, part museum, QT Museum Wellington is home to an extensive art collection, which includes a rotating roster of paintings, sculptures, and oddities. For a truly unique guest experience, even the staff uniforms have been replaced by “costumes” created by Broadway designer Janet Hine.

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Photo: Chambers Hotel New York

5. Chambers Hotel New York

Situated in the dynamic city of New York, Chambers Hotel is an oasis of calm for guests who stay in its 72 rooms and five suites. The entire space, hallways including, is permeated with over 500 works of original art, including installations by artists like Sheila Pepe, John Waters, and Bob and Roberta Smith.

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