5 Once-in-a-Lifetime Travel Experiences to Try

Luxury tour specialist Scott Dunn unveils unusual travel experiences, from diving between tectonic plates to scavenger hunts among ruins.

Even as a travel editor, it’s not often that I receive a mysterious invite telling me to grab my passport and pack my bag for a day trip to an unknown destination.

Yet little did I know, this was the start of a pleasant surprise from luxury tour specialist Scott Dunn, which begun with me being picked up from my home in Singapore at 8 a.m. and whisked off to The Sanchaya on Bintan island two hours later.

Turns out, this was just a little taste of Scott Dunn’s new collection of travel journeys aptly called Seriously Special–The Experiences.

We’re not just talking about hot air balloon rides or private dinners at exotic destinations here; these are five truly immersive adventures we’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Photo: Scott Dunn

1. Diving between tectonic plates in Iceland

The Iceland itinerary offers the opportunity to snorkel or dive between tectonic plates under the light of the midnight sun. Travelers will get to float between continents as the unique spot lies where the North American and Eurasian plates meet.

Photo: Scott Dunn

2. Scavenger hunt in Angkor Thom, Cambodia

Those looking to tick Angkor Wat off their bucket list might want to shun the tourist crowds and opt for an exclusive scavenger hunt and tour instead. This one-of-a-kind experience lets travelers explore Angkor Thom, one of the most majestic temple cities within the Angkor Archaeological Park. They can either explore the ruins by bicycle or foot to find 11 clues scattered all over the site, with a grand prize waiting for them at the end.

Photo: Scott Dunn

3. Food tour of Spain on private jet

Foodies hoping to cover more ground might well hop on a private jet and taste the best that Spain has to offer. Scott Dunn offers an exclusive tour that let travelers fly around the country and sample traditional tapas, local fare, and Michelin-starred delights. The last few days of the journey will be spent in Mallorca, with the highlight being tastings at the island’s best farm-to-table restaurants.

Photo: Scott Dunn

4. Visit a diamond safari in Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re planning to propose to your sweetheart, why not let him or her pick out their favorite gem? Benhuel Diamonds is partnering with Ellerman House to offer a “diamond safari” tour that takes travelers to the mineral-rich west coast of South Africa, where they’ll be able to follow a diamond’s source from its source under the ocean to being set in a beautiful piece of jewelry. The once-in-a-lifetime journey involves diving to visit an underwater gem mine in the Atlantic Ocean and learning about the intricacies of diamond-setting with a specialist.

Photo: Scott Dunn

5. A 24-hour trip to the stunning icebergs of Antarctica

Travelers in Cape Town can take the opportunity to scoot off to the Antarctica for a 24-hour trip. Departing on a private gulfstream jet, guests will land on a packed ice runway before heading off to the stunning Schirmacher Oasis, which is filled with lakes, scientific bases, and scenic cliffs. To round off the trip, guests will enjoy a gourmet champagne dinner before flying back to spend the night at the luxurious Ellerman House in Cape Town.

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