5 Breathtaking Places to Explore on a Paddleboard

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Getting up close and personal with Iceland's glacier lagoon on a paddleboard.

Having enjoyed a growing popularity over the past few years, stand-up paddleboarding has transformed from a simple alternative water sport to try and learn on a weekend beach getaway to the ultimate experience to check off one’s bucketlist. From day tours in Utah’s Colorado River to five-day trips in the wild waters of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, here we list the five best places to go for a one-of-a-kind, at times adrenalin-pumping, paddleboarding adventure.


While the aurora borealis is top on the list for anyone vacationing in Iceland, those looking to add even more adventure on their itinerary might want to try enjoying the country’s Antarctic beauty from a paddleboard. Tours by Arctic Surfers will take travelers up close and personal with the ice sculptures and wildlife around the glacier lagoon, offering a unique opportunity to learn more about the geology and history that have shaped the country for centuries.

For more information, visit Arctic Surfers. 

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