5 Restaurants Every Diehard Foodie Must Try in Taiwan

A curation of the most refined dining experiences, from French to Japanese, all with an unmistakable local touch.

Photo: Raw

1. Raw

Raw is helmed by Andre Chiang, the brainchild of Asia’s second-best restaurant and two-Michelin-starred Restaurant Andre. Here, diners can expect a refined dining experience featuring French contemporary cuisine crafted with seasonal Taiwanese produce. The highlight is an eight-course menu with dishes that change frequently according to the micro-seasons.

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Photo: Le Moût

2. Le Moût

In 2014, Le Moût catapulted into culinary fame when its owner-chef Lanshu Chen received the accolade of Asia’s Best Female Chef of the year. The restaurant serves dishes that can be best described as haute cuisine de terroir, with a focus on ingredients sourced from different seasons and climates. Must-tries include a refreshing dish called Oyster from Matsu cucumber, Granny Smith, Seaweed.

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Photo: JL Studio

3. JL Studio

Having honed his craft at Le Moût for years, Singaporean chef Jimmy Lu now runs JL Studio in Taichung, one of the hottest Taiwan restaurants to watch. His culinary philosophy is inspired both by flavors from his hometown as well as the produce of Taiwan. The result? Beautifully plated creations featuring Singaporean classics with a twist; for instance, the satay dish is served over a small habachi (traditional Japanese heating device).

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Photo: Ladyironchef

4. Mitsui

Located in Addiction Aquatic DevelopmentTaiwan’s answer to Japan’s Tsukiji Fish Market or Perth’s Fremantle MarketMitsui is arguably one of the best Japanese dining establishments you can find in Taiwan. The menu offers a variety of omakase menus featuring fresh, seasonal produce from creamy uni (sea urchin) to seared hotate (scallop).

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Photo: Mume

5. Mume

While Mume is the botanical name for Taiwan’s national flower, the plum blossom, the restaurant channels a Nordic sensibility in terms of its Scandinavian-style decor. Each dish here is plated like a work of art, especially the Taiwan salad, which features 30 seasonal ingredients that change by the day. In it, you’ll find flower petals, picked cherry tomatoes, crisp prawns bathed in prawn head fat, and more.

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