5 Things You Didn’t Know About the World’s First Permanent Ice Hotel

Icehotel 365 is located north of the article circle, with designer, ice-sculpted suites and more.

Photo: Icehotel 365

If you’re in the mood for a wintertime retreat, why not consider a stay in the iconic Icehotel 365?

Unlike the original Icehotel which only operates exclusively during winter, the newer Icehotel 365 is open all year round.

Situated in the tiny Swedish locality of Jukkasjärvi, the stunning 20-suite hotel features an art gallery, bar, and more.

Here are five things you may not know about the ice-sculpted hotel.

Photo: Icehotel 36

1. It’s been designed by an international team

One hotel, many creative minds. The Icehotel 365 has been worked on by more than 40 artists, designers, and architects from nine different countries. Guests can expect to discover unique rooms such as “Once Upon a Time” by artists Luc Voisin and Mathieu Brison, as well as “Dreamscape” by British architects Alex Haw and Aditya Bhatt from Atmos Studio in London.

2. The suites are made of ice

There are a total of 20 suites, 11 “art suites” and nine deluxe suites, where guests can sleep on a bed made of ice at -5C, 365 days a year. The “Dreamscape” suite also features a staircase of pure ice that winds from its entrance towards the “floating” frozen bed. Our favorite has to be the “You Are My Type” suite designed by John Bark and Charli Kasselbäck—aptly inspired by typography.

Photo: Icehotel 365

3. Its appearance changes throughout the year

Unlike your typical hotel, Icehotel 365 welcomes guests with special door entrances during different seasons of the year. During winter, the hotel is covered in snow but during the summer it is kept cool by solar power from the midnight sun, covered with a turf roof and planted with Arctic flowers.

4. The hotel’s made of snice

Ice pillar, snow walls, and all things snice make up the permanent ice hotel. In case you’re wondering, snice is a mixture of snow and ice. According to the hotel creative director Arne Bergh, snice is made with snow cannons, water from the neighboring Torne River, and air mixed together to form a dense material suitable for building.

5. It’s even more stunning than the original Icehotel

Unlike the original Icehotel, Icehotel 365 features airtight doors that insulated and covered with reindeer skins or magnetite. Its higher ceilings also allow commissioned artists to sculpt unique, never-before-seen designs for the art suite interiors. The deluxe suites, only found at the new Icehotel, feature ensuite bathrooms with a private sauna and shower or tub. Best of all, guests can also enjoy summertime activities including hiking, fishing, and river rafting.

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