5 Useful Travel Items from Crowdfunding Campaigns

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The RiutBag is made with foam-lined Cordura and Kevlar for its sturdiness.

Here we highlight five travel items made by creators who took to crowdfunding sites to fill in convenience gaps in a sea of accessories already available out there. 

The RiutBag

The discomforting thought that other people might have better access to your belongings that you is a common problem among travelers with the habit of carrying around a backpack—but the RiutBag aims to change that. With zippers designed to face against the wearer’s back, it is nearly impossible for strangers—and possibly pickpockets—to access the bag’s contents.  The waterproof bag also comes with other useful features, such as a compartment to fit a 15-inch laptop and other spaces to store smaller items like a mobile phone and travel tickets, all of which are easily accessible by the wearer. Designed by UK designer Sarah Giblin, the product, priced at US$70, has gained over US$ 175,000 since its launch on Kickstarter on September 11.

For more information, visit RiutBag.

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