5 Useful Travel Items from Crowdfunding Campaigns

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Travelers need not worry about tangled cords with the PUGZ earphones.


Whether on a plane or during a hike, the PUGZ wireless earphones allow you to conveniently listen to your favorite tracks and podcast while on the move. Designed to be small in size and with the ability to charge even while in use, the makers claim the earphones offer a much better experience compared to other similar products on the market, which they say are too big, easily run out of batteries, and are useless when charged. Available in two different designs—Sealed, which comes with a noise-cancellation feature, and Leaking, which lets you hear a bit of your surroundings—the earphones are connected by a single cord that rests behind your neck with safe-magnets to keep them in place when they’re not being used. PUGZ can be purchased for US$149. The product raised nearly US$1,500,000 on Indiegogo.

For more information, visit PUGZ. 

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