57 x 76: A Meeting of Minds at Ubud’s Komaneka Fine Art Gallery

Hanafi and Goenawan Mohamad, both important figures in Indonesia’s art scene, have come together to present a unique exhibition created together yet independently of each other.

Photo: Komaneka Fine Art Gallery

Collaborating, much less creating an exhibition-worthy collection of paintings without face-to-face contact, is no easy feat even for the most experienced of artists. Yet two well-known figures in Indonesia‘s booming art scene have done so over several months to present 57 x 76, which is now exhibited at Ubud’s Komaneka Fine Art Gallery until October 15.

The show title, which oddly resembles a mathematical equation, simply represents the ages of renowned painter Muhammad Hanafi and poet Goenawan Mohamad while working on the collaboration, respectively.

Photo: Komaneka Fine Art Gallery

Working separately, each artist started painting on a piece of canvas or paper before passing it to the other to continue. With most of the works finished in the artists’ respective studios, without face-to-face contact with each other, what resulted was hundreds of paintings and drawings fusing the personal ideas of both Hanafi and Goenawan.

By opening up to each other’s responses or interventions, the non-linear pattern of creation gave way to unexpected surprises and forms.

The 57 x 76 exhibition, held in collaboration with Komaneka Fine Art Gallery and Studiohanafi, is a continuation of the exhibition with the same title, which took place at the National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, in 2018.

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