700,000 Heures is the World’s First Nomadic Hotel

The “wandering” hotel changes location every six months, from Italy to Cambodia.

Founder Thierry Teyssier and a friend enjoy cocktails in Puglia, Italy.

Here’s a fun fact: Humans spend an average of 700,000 hours on earth. But just how much of it are you spending to its fullest potential?

This thought-provoking question is what led French hotelier Thierry Teyssier to create the world’s first wandering hotel, called 700,000 Heures (hours).

He said, “The world is too rich to settle for trips that all look alike. There are so many different places to discover, so many thrills to experience, so many diverse cultures to explore…We are in charge of our hours, our encounters, our travels.”

As such, the desire to maximize one’s travels is translated into a nomadic experience where the hotel changes location every six months, occupying different buildings in unique destinations. At times, an existing structure will be refitted for the hotel’s needs; if not, it will be built from scratch.

To gain priority access to these unique stays, one can join the 700,000 Heures membership, which costs US$570 annually.

Each hotel will be small and intimate, with no more than eight rooms in any one location, so that the highest quality of service and exclusivity can be maintained.

The hotel will welcome its first guests this September, in a four-room, 19th-century stone palazzo in Gagliano del Capo, a small town in southern Italy’s Salento peninsula that is known for its groves of knotted olive trees and white sand beaches. Other excursions available including jaunts in a vintage Fiat 500, breakfast in a cave overlooking the sea, as well as a wine tasting session in a cellar that dates back to 1878.

Breakfast at the entrance to a cave, one of the many surprises at 700,000 Heures in Puglia.

Afterward, the hotel will find its next home in northwestern Cambodia, in a series of lodgings including an ancient temple. Come June 2019, it will move to another destination in northern Brazil, where travelers can explore the infinite dunes in Lençois Maranhenses National Park.

Apart from accommodation, the hotel will also organize various insider excursions for its guests, including training with acrobats at the renowned Phare Circus in the French colonial city of Battambang in Cambodia and embarking on fishing-boat rides through hidden coves along the Adriatic in Salento.

To gain priority access to these unique stays, one can join the 700,000 Heures membership, which costs US$570 annually. Alternatively, guests can make their bookings through an agent, which will pay a fee that gives its clients membership privileges.

Depending on the destination, all-inclusive daily rates range from US$1,755 to $US2,105 for two people. Membership fees are deducted from the cost of trips taken, in the form of a 20 percent discount on members’ bills.

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