A Cafe for Female Otakus in Japan

Die-hard fans of Japan’s anime and Manga culture will have no trouble looking for cafes that cater specifically to otakus—a term that refer to those who partake in the fandom. But while existing cafes may be swarming with mostly male otakus, the Ataraxia Cafe in Osaka’s Nipponbashi neighborhood has recently opened its doors cater specifically to female fans. Dedicated to providing a comfortable space for female otakus to indulge in their hobby and interests, the cafe comes with shelves packed with volumes of manga and dojin (self-published magazines), spaces for guests to draw and create cosplays, and a service that rents out any tools needed to make them, such as mannequins and sewing machines. To get in, visitors will first have to take otaku test on the cafe’s website that will then determine whether or not they have what it takes to be part of the cafe’s small community.

For more information, visit Ataraxia Cafe.


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