A Digital Art Exhibition Comes to Singapore’s ArtScience Museum

A permanent exhibition is coming to Singapore’s ArtScience Museum, bringing high-tech digital artworks to the waterfront museum in the Marina Bay Sands area. Titled “Future World”, the new exhibition explores the intersection between art, science, and technology, and is a collaboration with teamLab, a renown group of ultra-technologists from Japan who have won multiple awards as a collective.  The exhibition will comprise 15 digital art installations that will occupy 1,500 square meters of the gallery space, all of which will be refreshed over time.

In “Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together,” visitors will enter a seemingly endless field of luminous flowers where the digital plants either blossom or fade away depending on where one stands, an emphasis on nature’s endless cycle of growth and decay. Taking on the theme of perpetual change, the installation will evolve throughout the year, adjusting four different seasons. Another installation named “Crystal Universe” makes visitors the center of the universe, allowing them to “swipe” planets and stars from smart devices within a scintillating 3D universe, while in “Sketch Aquarium” kids will be able to see their drawings of sea creatures come alive in a virtual aquarium and can even feed them by touching images on the screen. The exhibition opens on March 12.

For more information, visit Marina Bay Sands.

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