A Digital Concierge for Travelers

From guidebooks to websites, travelers will hardly find themselves short of options when it comes to looking for must-visit places in a destination. But what if some of the best recommendations by trusted insiders were curated into a single app that’s set to help one navigate the best experiences a city has to offer?

Enter Porter & Sail, a travel guide app designed to function like a traditional concierge, offering personal and noteworthy travel advice to suit one’s needs. Available at a number of hotels around the world, and partnering with local insiders, experts, and tastemakers, the app curates travel tips on the best dining places, shopping destinations, and arts and culture experiences, all of which are beautifully packaged with original high-quality writing  and photography for users to easily peruse.

To make things even more interesting, the digital personal concierge is also time and location-sensitive, meaning it can send you automated notifications at lunchtime for restaurant recommendations whenever you walk by Porter & Sail–approved establishments. So far, the app is available at a handful of hotels in London, Singapore, and Miami, where guests can receive access to the app and easily download the city guide with a code prior to their stay. By 2016, however, the app hopes to have a New York City guide, along with Tokyo, Milan, and Shanghai coming in the near future.

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