A Glass Slide Opens 1,000 Feet Above Los Angeles

Why take the elevator to the floor below when you can slide off a chute made of glass that is affixed to the side of a 73–story building? Daredevils rejoice – OUE SkySpace LA, the new open-air observation deck that is also the tallest in California has opened a 45 feet long outdoor glass slide suspended 1,000 ft above the streets below. Installed as part of a SkySpace renovation in the U.S. Bank Tower, Skyslide transports people from the 70th to the outside of the 69th floor. The slide is made of three-ply glass that is strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds and earthquakes despite being just one-inch thick. And though the price too can be a little steep, (US$25 for the Skyspace ticket and US$8 for Skyslide passes), visitors who brave themselves for that quick dose of adrenaline will be treated to exciting views of the city’s tallest skyscrapers and mountains of the San Gabriel Valley.

For more information, visit SkySpace LA. 

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